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Patient Groups

The following are some of the available organizations where you can find additional support and information about depression, including social networks. Each organization has something unique to offer, so take the time to explore them all.


A leading social network for health, Inspire has over 150,000 members in its mental health community. Depression and seasonal affective disorder each have multiple communities where users can post and connect with others.

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Healthy Place

Here you will find a wide range of information on psychological disorders and treatments. Information is provided by mental health experts as well as everyday people. Healthy Place also features psychological tests, mental health news, and videos.

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My Depression Team

Emotional support and advice can be found by joining this social network for people living with depression. My Depression Team prides itself on being a judgment-free zone where you can truly connect and make real friendships as you share your ups and downs.

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Patients Like Me

This is the world’s largest personalized health network, and features information and support for numerous health conditions, including depression. Here you can share your story to help others living with depression and help researchers work toward new treatments.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness

This nationwide organization has local chapters in each state where local support resources can be found. Their website also includes information on various mental health topics and a free helpline run by volunteers who can listen and offer support.

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Mental Health America

This organization provides information, resources, and support for people who are suffering from a variety of mental illnesses, including depression. They focus on early intervention and offer multiple screening assessments.

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Psycom is the third largest website in the United States focusing on mental health. Content is written by experts and real people who have struggled with and overcome mental health challenges. All content is fact-checked for accuracy. Lifestyle advice is also sprinkled in to provide a range of topics that can help you in everyday activities.

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